• Humble Bee


Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Life's garden flourishes when your

bright countenance is here.

Come back! Without your face's bloom

the spring has left the year.

If tears course down like raindrops now,

it's no surprise, its right --

My life's flashed by in longing for you

as lightning splits the night.

Seize these few moments while we've still

time for our promised meeting,

since no one knows what life will bring

and life, my dear, is fleeting.

How long shall we enjoy our dawns'

sweet sleep, our morning wine?

Wake up, and think of this! since life's

not your for long, or mine.

What memories! I once lived on

the street you lived on,

and to my eyes how bright the dust

before your doorway shone!

We were a lily and a rose:

our talk was then so pure

that what was hidden in your heart

and what I said were one!

And when our hearts discoursed

with Wisdom's ancient words,

love's commentary solved each crux

within our lexicon.

I told my heart that I would never be

without my friend;

but when our efforts fail, and hearts

are weak, what can be done?

How much I wondered asking why

the pain of parting came -

but reason was a useless judge,

and answers? He had none.

Love's road's an endless road

when there's no place to rest,

where souls must sacrifice

themselves, and not protest;

Each moment that you give

your heart to love is good,

and there's no need to see

what omens might suggest;

So take the libertine's

sweet way; not every man

is shown the road that leads

to such a treasure chest!

Don't frighten us by saying

reason prohibits it;

In our town that police-chief

has made not one arrest

Clear eyes can glimpse Him, as

they glimpse the new moon's silver,

and not to every gaze

is this made manifest.


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