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Updated: Jul 27, 2019

I created this website really for me. I wanted a place where I can write my thoughts on topics that excite me. Just have this digital footprint for myself really. But I know internet is far and wide with endless parameters and I would be thrilled to know if anyone actually ever stumbles on this site and find anything I have to say interesting. Please leave me a note.

P.S. clinomaniac means someone who has extreme difficulty getting out bed and has an obsessive desire to lie down. Sums me up perfectly! =)

clinomaniac at her most favorite city, Edinburgh


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Welcome to Cuckoo's nest, where I write down my thoughts and ideas with a pinch of salt, dash of sass and lots of sarcasm. Before you proceed, caution: this blog is as random as it could be. Browse around and stay when you see something you like.




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